Table tops

Table tops

Nothing complements a living room interior finish better than a solid wood table top. We make classic tops with square edges as well as tops from slabs with uncut, WANE edges. Our portfolio also includes an option for extensions meant to enlarge a table if needed.

Our portfolio includes only solid tops, which means that slats used for production have no cross-connections (called “finger joints”).

We make tops with a of standard thickness of 40 mm. If your needs are different, we can stand to the challenge of making a top with any parameters. Feel free to use the form to get in touch with us. The maximum length of a single top is 4000 mm.

Finish classes influencing the character of the ready top:

Pure AA grade

40-70 mm wide slats, without sapwood, occasional pencil knots up to 5 mm and natural discolourations are acceptable; wood matched by colour.

Natural AB grade

40-70 mm wide slats, without sapwood, sound and grown up knots up to 25 mm, natural discolourations are acceptable, without cracks; differences in hue of the slats are acceptable.

Rustic BC grade

Mixed width slats, sound sapwood, sound, black, open knots, hairline cracks not affecting technical features of a product are acceptable, optionally filled with black resin; large discolourations and differences in hue are acceptable.

As part of wide-ranging customisation we offer additional finish options:

  • Varnishing- we use acrylic varnishes and two-component varnishes creating very durable coatings that maintain their flexibility needed for comprehensive protection of a surface of natural material such as wood. They are highly resistant to water, alcohols, and cleaning agents.
  • Oiling creates natural coating resistant to temperature and liquids for household use. Oil has a pleasant fragrance and can be easily used for refurbishment in household conditions. The product highlights the beauty of graining and allows the natural touch of wood to be preserved.
  • Brushing – deepens the grains and imparts a delicate texture to the surface.
  • Filling in losses in grade BC with black resin improves the performance characteristics of a top with natural cracks while ensuring an excellent visual effect.
  • Two-sided treatment – also from below in case of products visible after assembly
  • Treatment of edges to be painted – comprehensive preparation of raw top edges with R1, R5 or R10 milling cutter before painting. Price includes treatment if a painting is ordered.
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